The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Race Car

In December 2010, McLaren announced that they would produce a small number of MP4-12C cars in order for them to compete in the FIA GT3 European Championship. McLaren stated that they will provide maintenance for the cars and will begin racing in 2012 with the CRS Racing team.

The MP4-12C was the first car to compete in sportscar racing for the company, since the F1 GTR. It received its debut with a single car entry for the Spa Francorchamps round of the British GT championship. This was followed by a three car entry in the 2011 Spa 24 Hours.

Compared to the road car, the MP4-12C GT3 produces less power with only 493 bhp (368 kW; 500 PS) due to homologation. The car features a new bespoke 6-speed gearbox that is 80 kg (176 lb) lighter than the road car’s 7-speed, developed with Ricardo. The steering wheel is lifted straight from the McLaren MP4-24 Formula 1 car.

Width (mm) 1995
Height (mm) 1145
Wheelbase (mm) 2670
Fuel tank capacity 120 litres
Chassis/body McLaren carbon fibre MonoCell with aluminum front and rear frames and bespoke carbon body panels
Aerodynamics Front and rear diffuser, front splitter, dive planes and adjustable rear wing
Transmission 6 speed sequential using actuation via steering wheel mounted paddles Limited slip differential with a range of ramps and adjustable pre-load. Wet sump Sintered clutch hydraulically operated Driveshafts with tripod joints
Engine type V8 twin turbo McLaren M838T
Engine capacity 3.8L
Bore x Stroke 93 x 69.9
Max. Engine speed Limited to 7500rpm
Cylinder block Cast aluminium , 90 deg V angle, dry sump scavenge, Nikasil coated liners
Crankshaft Forged steel flat plane
Pistons Forged aluminium
Conrods Forged steel
Cylinder head Cast aluminium with plastic composite cam covers, inlet & exhaust variable cam timing
Valvetrain 32V with 40 deg variable cam timing on intake & exhaust. Low mass with sliding contact end pivoted finger followers, single variable rate springs and hollow cast chilled iron camshafts
Intake system Two water/air charge air coolers. Plastic composite plenum.
Exhaust system Cast stainless steel exhaust manifold with compact MHI fixed geometry turbo chargers.  970 deg C turbine inlet temperature.
Fuel system Returnless fuel rail with twin fuel tank mounted pumps and twin spray injectors
Engine management MESL TAG400 ECU & CIU 100 Interfacing with Bosch ABS and Shiftec control units
Wiring harness Modular installation: Engine, chassis, fuel cell
Lubrication MOBIL1: engine and transmission
Cooling Air/water heat exchangers for engine water and charge air cooling combined with water/oil heat exchangers for engine, transmission & PAS.
Front axle SKF integrated axles with handed single wheel retaining nut
Rear axle SKF integrated axles with handed single wheel retaining nut
Front suspension Double wishbone adjustable for ride height camber and toe
Rear suspension Double wishbone adjustable for ride height camber and toe
Dampers Coil over Multimatic dampers with DSSV technology with independent bump and rebound adjustment
Front brake system Akebono 6 piston monoblock caliper 378Ø x 36mm Iron ventilated disc
Rear brake system Akebono 4 piston monoblock caliper 355Ø x 32mm iron ventilated disc
Steering Electro-hydraulic PAS
Wheels Forged Aluminium Front 12” x 18” Rear 13” x 18” MESL TPS system compatible
Cockpit electronics Multifunction steering wheel with integrated driver display Central switch panel with systems display screen
Steering wheel Derived from MP4-24 Formula 1 wheel retaining integrated driver display, paddle shift and switches


We all know he's a talented racer, but beyond that who's Fabio Onidi? Let's try to learn more about him with a little interview...


So Fabio, where it all started? How the fire, the passion for motorsport, was ignited?

"Well, I drove a kart for the first time in an indoor facility were my father used to go himself. He always loved cars and motoring, and so he introduced me to that world when I

was around 11 years-old. I liked it, in a few laps I was already faster than him, and so we started going there more often. Then came the next step: renting the kart all the time

was getting expensive, so we decided to buy one ourselves, and I started lapping even more often. The owner of the kartodrome saw how quickly I was progressing and told my father

that I was ready for a race. I started from regional races, then I got to Open Masters and to the Italian Championship".


Let's put the driving aside for a bit. What do you do in your "normal" life, when you aren't racing?

"I help in the family business: we have some hotels, and I'm coordinating all the reception and welcome activities.


What's your educational background?

"I graduated in accounting, but I wasn't too much of a good student. Usually my grades were bad until April, and from then on I was running to recover and end the year with some

decent marks. But I wasn't a bad guy, from a behaviour point of view I was always very calm and polite, that's how I am".


Let's come to friends, do you have many?

"I wouldn't say that. Motorsport doesn't help because you do it in the weekend, so you aren't there while the others are going out and having fun. Furthermore, I'm a bit wary

myself, it takes time for me to call somebody a 'friend'. So I have some longtime friends that I really like, and I try to pass some time with them whenever I get a chance".


More difficult. Friends in motorsport?

"Not at all. It's just not possible. Sometimes you get a team-mate you like, and that's better than nothing, but it's impossible to be friends. I prefere it to be rivals and stop

also to avoid strange complications. Imagine a situation where the driver in front of you is a friend and you see a tight gap: what do you do? You go for it with an hard move or

not? I don't want to be in the condition to choose between frienship and gaining one place. I've seen it happen, it's always bad".


Other passions besides motorsport?

"I really love the sea and everything comes with it. I have a rubber dinghy, a big one, and I love using it to go out with friends for the whole day. I also do every kind of water sport: water-skying, free-style, aquabikes, and I even have a scuba diving licence".


And in the winter?

"In the winter I choose mountains. I am a boarder and I'm doing a bit of everything, from downhill to tricks".

Speaking about music, what's your favourite kind?

"Music is another one of my big passions, I am some kind of hi-fi anorack, I really love looking for the best systems out there and I'm pretty fond of what I have both at home and in my car. I listen and enjoy nearly any kind of music, I would say that Italian hip-hop is the only one I can't stand, but I'm more or less fine with everything else. Jazz is probably my favourite".


We know that you also have two dogs...

"And it's passion again! You know, one of my dreams for the future is a big villa with a huge garden and many, many dogs. Now I have two, both are crossbreed.

My family has a long story with dogs, a long time ago my parents were breeding German Sheperds and they were very good at it, they even had the italian champion in their stable. But the bad thing with dogs is that they also die, and it's too hard when you have so many and you love all of them. So my parents stopped, and for 20 years there were no dogs at all in my house.

Anyway it couldn't last forever: some summers ago we went on holiday in Lampedusa and on that island is litterally full of dogs. Most of them are stray ones, and as the days were passing we were gettimg more and more eager to bring one home. In the end we went to the dog pound and saw Honey, a beautiful Labrador crossbreed that was looking at us.

Some days later she was at home with us, and now she also has a lifeguard licence!

Dodo, the other one, arrived last summer, when I was in Riccione. I saw him when he was a puppy, and I just couldn't resist. He's very very active, a little hooligan, but that's also why I like him".


Speaking about girls, what's your preference?

"Brunettes, and I really love curly-haired girls. I think I've never been with a blonde girl in my life, they just don't get my attention. I won't say more because I have a girlfriend now, and I'm really happy".


Tell us about your city, Milan.

"I love it, it's home and it feels like every time I get back. It's not an easy city to live in, you get traffic jams, chaos at times, but it's the pulsing heart of Italy, whatever you're looking for, you will find it in Milan. For a young boy it's an amazing place to grow".

Logo Bhaitechv2

Bhai Tech Racing

Bhai Tech was founded in 2011 as the collaboration between the CEO of two established Italian automotive supply companies, Ferdinando Bada, and some of motorsport's most talented and renowned engineers. The company's Advanced Vehicle Science Centre is a research and development hub for any and all systems that advance the performance capabilities of both drivers and vehicles. Bhai Tech's services include a full-motion driving simulator facility, driver development programmes including an onsite fitness suite, vehicle modelling and simulation software and on and off-track support services. Bhai Tech Racing also competes in selected rounds of the Italian GT Championship with a new McLaren MP4-12C.

Bhai Tech joins APP TECH and Bimecc Engineering as the third company owned by Ferdinando Bada which has a highly technological profile. APP TECH is a producer of a specialist producer of aluminium and magnesium forged wheels for premium automobile manufactures, high-end aftermarket suppliers, specialised tuners and race teams. Bimecc is a manufacturer of wheel accessories. The Group has more than 30 years motorsport heritage ranging from all aspects of vehicle design, race team and driver development and the organisation of motorsport championships all over the world.

2014 - Events

France Nogaro Coupes de Pâques

Round 1 / Blancpain Sprint Series
Nogaro Coupes de Pâques / France
18 - 21 April 2014

Great Britain Brands Hatch

Round 2 / Blancpain Sprint Series
Brands Hatch / Great Britain
17 - 18 May 2014

Netherlands Zandvoort Masters

Round 3 / Blancpain Sprint Series
Zandvoort Masters / Netherlands
4 - 6 July 2014

Slovakia Slovakia Ring

Round 4 / Blancpain Sprint Series
Slovakia Ring / Slovakia
22 - 24 August 2014

Portugal Algarve

Round 5 / Blancpain Sprint Series
Algarve / Portugal
5 - 7 September 2014

Belgium Zolder

Round 6 / Blancpain Sprint Series
Zolder / Belgium
18 - 19 October 2014

Azerbaijan Baku World Challenge

Round 7 / Blancpain Sprint Series
Baku World Challenge / Azerbaijan
1 - 2 November 2014